Team Teaching

If you’ve thought of, heard about, or wondered about Team Teaching, I would like to share my experiences in case anyone is interested. A co-teacher friend came about her interest in team teaching the followingn year. I wasn’t sure about it but was intrigued. By the end of the school year, we had visited another school to see their classroom and how it all worked. After our visit, we were very interested and decided to go for it! Our principal was very supportive and put in a work order right away to have a sliding door put in between our classrooms.

My team teaching partner and I now have a Grade 4/5 classroom split into 2 groups/classes. We call them the Fantastic and Fabulous groups. We also have 1 student integrate into our classroom from the SLC (Structured Learning Classroom). To say the least, it is challenging!

As far as technology, we have 2 chrome book computers, 5 ipads, and 5 computer carts that are accessible for the group! So far, we are grouping students at the computers for math and language arts Mathletics, raz kids, Kidblog, Tumblebooks, Starfall, Flocabulary, etc). This year we have started using Google Classroom and look forward to continue working with GAFE (Google Apps For Education). We have also started ClassDojo, which is great for communication to parents about special events,  photos, articles, calendar items, and the list goes on. We started a class blog two years ago and have continued it this year. The students really enjoy blogging and I don’t believe I have heard any complaints!

Here is a look at the Team Teaching set up!

ImageImage 1Image 2Image 3Image 4


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