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Summary of Learning 2016

Another semester has quickly gone by. This fall and past semester started out a bit slow at first. I was feeling overwhelmed with the start of school and this class. I was counting down the weeks but in the back of my mind remembering what my grandmother used to say, “Never wish for time to pass quickly! Enjoy every day because you never know how much time you have.”

This is very true!

For other Summary of Learning vidoes, I used Videoscribe and Animoto to post videos on my blogs. After watching Tyson’s summary of learning video, I decided to try SparkAdobe. It turned out to be very user friendly and I only had a few glitches to deal with. Much better than the amount of time I initially spent on Videoscribe!

Thank you to Alec and everyone in EC&I 833! Once again, I learned a ton!

I love the learning but I don’t always love the amount of time it takes me to write/create/edit/formulate thoughts/research my blog! At least, once it is said and done, I am happy with the end result.

See you on Tuesday for pizza night and sharing of our learning!

Here is the link to my Summary of Learning Video!




My name is Jennifer and I am a Grade 4/5 teacher with the Regina Public School Board. I am taking my 8th class towards my Master's degree in Curriculum and Instruction. EC&I 833 Foundations of Educational Technology: History, Theory, and Practice.

9 thoughts on “Summary of Learning 2016

  1. Great summary Jennifer! I love that you used Spark Adobe – I had never heard of it prior to this week, and seeing as you said it was easier to use than many others, I will give it a try in the future. You summarized a lot of the key elements, and I particularly appreciated the incorporation of the images into your presentation (ex. the ones from the archives – the TV on sale for 299$ was very cool to see!). Thanks for sharing!


  2. Thanks Benita!
    Adobe Spark was very user friendly. I’m going to have my students give it a try
    for our next Google Classroom assignment.
    The old pictures are great! I spent too much time looking at all of them but it’s hard to stop. It’s a Facebook page called “If you grew up in Regina”


  3. I used Adobe Spark a couple of courses ago for my summary of learning. I loved how user friendly it was. I have had my students create videos with it as well and I just love when I learn about new tools that are applicable for primary learners. Great summary Jennifer. I enjoyed learning from you again this semester!


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