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EC&I Post #2; Response to Technology

In response to our last class with guest speaker Rick Shwier, I am reminded once again that technology goes back much farther than the first computer and cell phone. Computers and the WWW obviously changed our world significantly, but thinking about technology going as far back as the 1500s to an Arabian Monk never actually entered my mind. Then again, the technology of architecture goes back hundreds of years too. The castles, churches, temples, etc. that are found around the world are truly amazing. I really can’t wait to travel more abroad to see them with my own eyes. I’ve always loved that part of history!

Screen Shot 2014-11-29 at 12.33.19 PM


Photo Credit: Paul Townend via Flickr cc


My most vivid memories of technology were getting our first VCR. Back in the day, before Blockbuster and Rogers movie rentals,  my friend’s parents had a movie rental business out of their basement in Argyle Park. They rented Bada (bata) machines, VCR’s, and a machine that you’d insert a large, thin, rectangular disk (can’t remember the name). You would flip through these disks like you would flip through artwork in a bin today. Anyway, I remember renting from her parents. You not only rented the movie, but the VCR or Bata machine too, since not everyone had their own. Who knew they were so innovative?

In high school I took Computer Science. It was not my thing and I remember it being confusing and boring. The best class I took was typing! I learned how to type on an old electric typewriter with no letters on the keys. Typing was definitely the most useful skill I learned that I use everyday of my life to this day!



My name is Jennifer and I am a Grade 4/5 teacher with the Regina Public School Board. I am taking my 8th class towards my Master's degree in Curriculum and Instruction. EC&I 833 Foundations of Educational Technology: History, Theory, and Practice.

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